Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Not all fairies are good

Well, for those of you wondering, the answer is NO. The Paci Fairy did not come visit us this weekend. Unfortunately her evil cousin the Stomach Flu Fairy stopped by instead.

On Thursday, Addi had to come home from school with a fever and the flu. By Saturday, she was on the mend.

Saturday night, Sam promptly threw up in her bed and had the flu full on by Sunday.

Sunday night Smokey ran out the front door, got shocked by the fence, and kept running.

Monday around noon, we finally caught him. I called animal control and they worked their magic.

Tuesday morning, both kids were healthy, the dog was home safe, and Jay and I both trotted off to work, excited to have an uneventful day.

Tuesday afternoon I barfed at work, then came home. And wanted to die.

Now I am on the mend but still not 100% better. We are ALL hoping this skips Jay, since I am headed to Florida on Saturday for a bachelorette party and he will be alone.

The smell of hope and Lysol fills the air at the Ralph house these days. Fingers crossed the rest of the week is super boring!

1 comment:

Not so typical said...

Ugh- all these nasties need to stay away from your house!

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