Monday, September 21, 2009

Bump, Set.... Drink: Our Volleyball journey begins

Each year Caterpillar has several intramural sports, including volleyball. This year I was bullied into happily joined Team Dig This! with my friends and coworkers Melissa, Ashley, Erin, and a few other employees from the Peoria area. Since I was named "Blog-aholic" I will happily post our team adventures here. Enjoy!

Team Dig This stormed the court Monday night (*NEW* Blue Shirts & All) only to get its 'Dig Kicked' by Notorious Dig.

Before the game, team captain M-Dawg could be overheard cursing all of the peeps who bailed on the team at the last minute. When confronted about her outbursts M-Dawg said, "I think we're going to have to explore disciplinary action this year. I mean 'Net Man' Legner forgot his jersey and tennis shoes. If that happened to Michael Jordan he would had sent Krause to get his gear. I'd hope next time this happens Legner would demand that Bill Springer go get his gear! And Michele Morgan...don't even get me started!"

While Super Barron calmed the captain down new team members 'Blog-aholic' and 'Tall Boy' met for the first time and talked about some 'explosive topics' before hitting the court with 'Team Fouts.' This new 'Team Fouts' added some depth to team Dig This, but half of the duo couldn't keep her eye on the ball. Please see below:

Top Ten Reasons team Dig This got its Dig Kicked Monday Night!
10. A serve hit 'One Hot Pocket' square on her noggin
9. It's suspected that 2 players came to the game with the H1N1 virus
8. M-Dawg's knee pads are bad luck
7. Chad Fouts knew well in advance that he was going to have to go home and watch 'Gossip Girl' with 'One Hot Pocket.' Enough said!
6. Michele Morgan thought it was better to 'calculate our volleyball odds' in AB with her accounting friends than come to the game
5. Our Khaki Jack's waitress doesn't work Monday nights
4. Gary implemented a new scoreboard and it's ridiculous
3. Bump, Set, Spike strategies are ridiculous and should be banned by "Gary's World Federation of Volleyball"
2. No pre-game Foster's meeting at Khaki's
1. Change plan not executed for 2009 season

Stay Tuned: Team Dig This takes on the Court Jesters next week. And M-Dawg says, "If no one shows, it will be no laughing matter!"

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