Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sleeping Beauties

I'm a big fan of sleep. I could pretty much take a nap every day for the rest of my life and be totally OK with it. Jay, eh, he doesn't understand the need but he tries to accommodate me when possible, usually letting me nap while the kids nap. I dread the day that they don't do that daily.

Addi shares my passion for sleep. She likes to stay up late and sleep in each morning, and would take a nap everyday if she could, I think forever. Some days she'll even ask if she can go to sleep because she's so tired. Love that! She also wakes up like me... Just don't get within arms reach in the first few minutes after waking us up. And, she can sleep anywhere.

Case in point - Addi when I went to wake her up this morning:

Sam is a bit more like Jay. She sleeps because she needs to and is happy when she wakes up. Last night she had a bit of a rough time (after an unnamed three year old woke her up) so she ended up next to me.

But two minutes after I woke her up, she was as happy as can be!

Sam knows how hard it is for me to wake up Addi, since she has to help me almost every day. This morning was no different. First, Sam gave her a nudge:

Then she tried the sneaky "steal your sister's paci from her mouth and gift it to mom trick":

Neither of those worked so we went ahead and got Sam ready for the day. When we came back Addi was still sound asleep so after several more attempts to rouse her, Sam gave up and laid down with her:
20 minutes later Addi was awake, swinging at my blindly, and crying about everything. I finally got her into the car and to school with minimal tears and we all started our days.

Don't think my entire morning was a waste, though. I did learn an important lesson. When an unnamed three year old spits toothpaste at you because you had the audacity to choose BLUE paste instead of PINK paste, don't assume that those marks on your navy pants are just water spots. Once you get to work and those spots dry, you will have an entire pant leg covered in white marks. Imagine what it would look like if you got pooped on my 30 pigeons. Try explaining that in your staff meeting!

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