Monday, August 24, 2009

Pink, Teal, and Poo

After showing up to the girls' school this morning, we found out that Addi is not alone in her new room endeavor... Sam also moved rooms today! Sam moved from Infant Pink to TODDLER Teal!

Sam's new room is a HUGE change, mostly for me. She's truly not a baby anymore, at least not at school. She now goes outside for recess twice a day, can eat at a little kid table instead of a highchair, and naps on a cot instead of a crib.

For some reason, that just makes no sense to me. She's a baby... Babies don't sleep on cots.... Do they? I just can't admit she's not tiny anymore. I need to get a grip.

Luckily when I picked them up they were both ecstatic about their new rooms. They of course did great and were happy to tell us all about it. Well, Addi anyway.

The night SHOULD have ended on a high note after my relaxing massage, but my plans were foiled when I got home. Addi and I headed outside to play on the swing set, then I came inside to pack the kids junk for tomorrow. In that brief amount of unsupervised time, Addi tried out her pottying skills. In my backyard.

All in a days work.

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