Friday, August 14, 2009

In a few short months...

It's hard to believe that three months ago today, Sam turned one! On her first birthday she was just getting her first tooth and just taking her first steps on her own. Now, a few short months later, she's her own independent person!

She walks... she runs... and as of last weekend, she swings on the big kid swing.

She eats whole fruit, skin and all, with her full mouth of four teeth. Here, she's enjoying a Pluot... our new favorite fruit. It's a combination of a plum and an apricot... We LOVE them!

Instead of just letting Addi bug HER all the time, she takes time to bug Addi right back, even when Addi is sound asleep in the stroller.

She started driving. OK, so maybe her ride was made by Fisher Price, but with her parents' driving record we need to start the practice as early as possible.
She still follows her sister around everywhere and stares at her adoringly, doing whatever Addi does. And when I say she follows her everywhere, I'm not kidding.

Of all the things that have changed in the last three months, I'm so grateful that her loving, sweet, adorable personality is still the same!
We went yesterday for her 15 month checkup and all is well, aside from her also having strep throat. (With Jay's diagnosis this morning that is Strep Throat = 3, Ralph family = 1, but who's counting?). Her check up stats:
Weight = 21 lbs, 9 oz = 25th percentile
Height = 29.5 inches = 30th percentile
Head = some enormous size = 80th percentile

Happy 15 month birthday, Sam!

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