Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fairies all around

When we were kids, the only kind of mystical beings that came to visit were the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Santa. And to be honest, those three kinda freaked me out a bit. I mean, come on, a six-foot-something rabbit hopping around? Creepy!

These days at the Ralph house, we've upgraded. Yes, we still get visits from the Easter Bunny and Santa, and someday I'm sure the Tooth Fairy will swing by for a drink, but we have NEW fairies too.

Remember the Pull-Up Fairy?
Well, she has a sister. Didn't you know? She's the Paci Fairy. And she is planning a visit to my house very, very soon. She was supposed to come last weekend but turns out, Mommy and Daddy are big fat weenies and couldn't deal with the whining.

We did however limit the pacis again this week to bedtime only. When Addi comes downstairs we make her hand them over (usually with lots of waling and gnashing of teeth) and she gets them back at bedtime. That seems to be working but the tears do get old.

A downside to this is the sneakiness that Addi is picking up because of it. Case in point: this morning I ask her to hand me her paci, the only one she had. She said, "OK!" and happily handed it over. Then skipped out of the room.

That could only mean one thing - she had one hidden somewhere else.

I followed her into the playroom where she unzipped a bag and pulled out another pink paci. I confiscated that one and the tears began to flow. That's when I knew I had them all.

Or so I thought. After buckling Sam into her car seat I went to buckle in Addi and saw this:

At first glance I thought, "Is she hurt? Did she sneeze?"

Nope. Take a WILD guess what's behind those grubby little paws.
So, this weekend we are expecting a visit from the Paci Fairy. Addi is quite aware of this and has been scared for weeks. She is excited because, like any good fairy, the Paci Fairy will leave special surprises behind when she comes to visit. Candy, stickers, crayons... you know, fairy basics.
I asked Addi what kind of surprises she'd like best from the Paci Fairy. In case I run into her before she stops by.
She said, "Oh yes Mommy! She can bring us MORE pacis!"
Girl ain't dumb, that's for sure.


Not so typical said...

She is one smart and funny cookie!

Anonymous said...

You guys should have left them with mean ole Aunt Lisa!!!

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