Friday, August 21, 2009

The dog formerly known as Kiki

Addi has a great imagination, much like any other 3 and a ½ year old. She loves to play pretend, make up silly stories and jokes, and tell us all about her day, usually with assorted details that could not possibly be true.

She is NOT creative when it comes to names, however. If she is going to name something, you have two choices: Kiki and Oodie. That’s it. Done. It doesn’t matter what species, their names are Kiki and Oodie. If there’s only one animal, it’s name is Kiki AND Oodie. Pronounced OOO-DEE.

Case in point: Kiki the Goat:

Oodie the Shark:

Kiki and Oodie the fish (at the doctors office during the Strep Throat Debacle of 2009):

Anyway, you get the idea. Considering for a brief moment HER name was Kiki, I couldn’t be happier. I shudder just thinking about those days.

Well, yesterday morning we had a major meltdown in the garage. Addi was already strapped in her car seat and she had to have “Button Puppy” right now. He’d miss her SO MUCH and she would be SO SAD if he stayed home with Smokey all day.

The issue was I had no flippin idea who the heck Button puppy was. No clue. I finally released her from her seat so she could get Button Puppy (BP for short) and she came back with this remote control guy.

I was assuming the dog had buttons for eyes or something to be named BP but “NO, Mommy, he has buttons on his remote. Duh Mommy.” [insert eye roll here.]

BP rode with us to school where more drama took place. Since I’m a tyrant I wouldn’t let her take BP into school, knowing kids would fight over him. First she cried. Then, she yelled. Then, she threw herself to the ground and proceeded to throw rocks at me. Kinda (exactly) like this.

I offered for BP to stay and protect my car all day but that wouldn’t do… he would miss Addi TOO MUCH. Finally I said I would bring him into my work and that brought out the most unexpected response.

“No Mommy! He won’t like your friends and will bark at them all day. He might even bite them! Don’t take him into your work!!!!!”

After a few tearful goodbyes (pictured above with her hugging BP), BP and Addi parted ways and he stayed in my car all day. After school I got grilled by her– “How was BP all day?”, “Did he bark a lot?”, “Was he mean to my friends?”, etc.

Luckily I could give an honest report and tell her that he was great all day. In fact, he sat SO quietly I almost thought he wasn’t real.


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