Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Girls

Summer seems to be moving slower than normal. Or maybe with two kids who can be alone for a whopping five minutes at a time, we are taking the time to enjoy things more than last summer, when every moment was planned out. Who knows... Whatever it is, I like it.

One downside of this slower pace is less time on the computer, so less blogging, less Facebook, less email. I am not really missing it but I'm definitely slacking on posting witty and interesting blogs. So, here's a boring non interesting one to get your fix.

This past weekend my dad was in town to visit. We had a super relaxing Friday, with BBQ on the grill, margaritas in our glasses, and friends on our patio. Can't beat that.
Saturday morning we headed to our friend Ryan's first birthday party. Us girls were excited to wear patriotic dresses and we all had matching red piggies.

Sam was SUPER excited to get a sucker at the party. Two seconds after she tried it, she was addicted.
Sunday we headed to Wildlife Prairie State Park to walk around and enjoy the great weather.
Not a bad weekend, despite the rain. My summer girls sure seemed to like it!

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