Saturday, July 25, 2009

The beginning of a 10 day trip...

Last Wednesday the Ralph family set out on an adventure. Since most of the Peoria area is on summer shutdown for two weeks, we took advantage of my lack of employment and hit the road.

First up was a twelve hour drive to Charlotte, NC. With two little ones I was pretty scared but the did pretty awesome. Of course, packing 700 paci's sure did help.

We made sure to take lots of breaks as well. The girls ran around a rest stop and had a snack.

We finally stopped in Tennessee for the night and the girls got some rest.

The beginning of the trip was a success!

1 comment:

Sandra R. Vigil said...

OMG, that last picture is so sweet! You need to show this to them when they are 15 and "hate" each other.

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