Thursday, May 28, 2009

They paid off - at least today

In a moment of self indulgence, one day last week I went and had my nails done.

Don't they look nice? However, several time since then I have thought to myself, "Wow, self, that was kind of a waste of money. Did you really need them?"

Then, I say, "Be quiet Self!" and move on and enjoy my nice looking hands. Until that annoying voice comes back, threatening to ruin my fun in Vanity Land. The adult version of Candy Land.

Until tonight, when I got home and saw dinner on the table, ready for the kids and I to eat. Fifteen minutes later, Sam had made an absolute mess of her Jay-made Chinese food (or should we call it Jay-nese?).

Seriously, rice everywhere. Imagine my surprise when I actually found rice stuck in the bottom on Sam's shoes. The BOTTOM. That takes a skill that I wish I could bottle up and sell.

And then, my beautiful new nails became handy and quite useful. I didn't imagine that I'd be using them to dig partially chewed rice out of Sam's Stride Rites but it got the job done.

So the next time I get my nails done, I will do it with a smile and only a small amount of guilt. And fingers crossed that I won't be digging anything nastier than rice out of any odd places.

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