Wednesday, May 27, 2009

There's A Whole Lot Of Pottying Goin' On

Now that Addi is officially potty trained, we've had to adjust a few things. Before jumping in the car, she must potty. Then we have to remember to ask her on regular intervals if she has to go and [fingers crossed] take her to an actual restroom.

That said, the girl has now learned to potty outside as needed and is more than willing to pee in the wild. However, we try to reserve those times for special occasions true emergencies.

So far, she's pottied on a curb at Glen Oak Park, behind a tree at our neighborhood park, and on our neighbor's landscape. Sorry, Scott.

Anyway, on Monday we headed to Target for some shopping fun for me. Afterwards, because Addi had been a fairly good girl we went to the pet store to see the puppies and buy her hermit crabs some new shells.

After about 15 minutes, I remembered to ask Addi if she needed to go and she of course said yes. So we located the nearest restroom and off we went. And boy, was it fun!

Once inside her stall, Addi exclaimed, "Mommy, oh my goodness! I have my OWN garbage can in here! I am serious!"

After a minute, I realized she meant the sanitary napkin trashcan hanging on the wall. Kinda like this (for the two boys who read my blog and perhaps have not seen one.)

Once that excitement died down and Addi finished her business, she came out to wash her hands. When I went to hand her a paper towel, she said, "No mommy, my potty ALSO has it's own paper towels!" She then pointed to the "towels" hanging on the wall... also know as toilet seat covers.

Once I convinced her not to "waste" those special towels, she accepted my boring regular towel and dried her hands. But when it came time to throw it away, she insisted on using her very own trash can in her potty.

I thought it was funny and sweet how she gets excited about things I totally overlook. And as we left the restroom to explore the water fountain Addi spotted on her way in, I could hear laughter coming from the other women in the restroom.

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