Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Signs of summer

Over the past three days, we have immensely enjoyed our first official lazy summer weekend of 2009. A long time ago, before our kids came to be, it was a very rare occasion that Jay and I were actually around Peoria on a weekend, let alone a long holiday weekend. Family commitments, weddings, bachelor parties... every weekend was filled with some must-do excursion. Literally, the summer we got married we were in town for Memorial Day, then Labor Day. Not a single weekend in between. Whew. I get that hangover feeling just thinking about it.

Now, with two kids and gas prices going up, up, up, we are more selective for our weekend travels. And by selective, I mean CHEAP.

So, minus Jay playing 18 holes of golf on Saturday, we hung around the house all weekend. And hung around our neighbor's house when our house became a tad too boring.

While swimming in our neighbors' Spiderman pool on Saturday, Addi had to potty. Not wanting to soak their kitchen with her wet feet, I let her to a bush and she did her business. Then proceeded to tell anyone who'd listen that mommy let her pee outside. Love my kid ;)

Sam, surprisingly, LOVED swimming. She was the only kid who stayed in the pool the entire time. She even chose to stay IN the pool to pee. That's my girl.

Sunday, we pulled the whale from our basement and set the pool up outside. Turns out, it's a great place to eat watermelon too.

We spent the remainder of the weekend playing on the swing set, taking naps, and making failed attepts at keeping the sand out of Samantha's mouth.

Not bad for weekend number one! At least until we find the sand Sam "hid".

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