Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Setting Up Camp 101

With all the rain we have been having (and folks, it's been a LOT! I swear I saw ducks and geese walking two by two down the street last week!) it's hard to keep the kids from going stir crazy. Add in what I am beginning to think is three-year-old ADHD and you end up with a cranky kid, a crying baby and a semi-bald mother.

So, last week we went camping. Yes, it was in the living room, but it was a ton of fun. And now, Addi would like to teach YOU how to have this much fun. Get ready to wow your family on your next rainy day.

First, build the structure. This Cranium do-hickey is a pretty cool deal... the pieces are magnetic and snap together easily, and hold up quite well. We also recommend reading the directions prior to a teething baby drooling all over them.

Next, furnish your new digs with your favorite things... We recommend lots of blankets, pillows and animals.

Then, invite some friends to join you in your camping fun.

Sometimes your friends will need a little extra persuading. Use brute force when necessary.
No camp is complete without a latrine. Be sure to potty on regular intervals. We recommend the Princess Potty.

Finally, get really mad when your mom has the audacity to move your new camp six inches to the left so she can watch Desperate Housewives. And by "get really mad," Addi means knock over your tent, stomp on the floor, and yell "YOU ARE NOT MY BEST FRIEND ANYMORE!"
After 20 minutes of repeated time outs, come back downstairs, freak out when you see your dismantled camp, and proceed to wail and nash your teeth. Yelling "Someone knocked over my tent!" repeatedly is sure to be a hit with the locals.
Repeat next Saturday.

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