Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dance like no one is watching

That's Addi's motto. She LOVES to dance and sing - ever since she started at the new preschool, it's a new song every night. Of course she usually yells at Jay and I until we sing along, which is fairly difficult when we don't have a CLUE what she's saying.

About a week ago I got her on video dancing up a storm. I loaded this video to Youtube so I hope you can see it. And at the end is a BIG surprise (for me!)



life as we know it... said...

too funny!!! i love those surprises... ;)

Jenny R said...

I guess you should have listened when she told you to put the camera away. :) They are so much smarter than we are. :) I had a fight with Braxton about how we didn't have fruit loops this morning. He insisted that we did. I made him come show me, you know, to shut him up. Guess what, we had fruit loops hidden behind one of the other cereals. They are soooo smart. :)

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