Saturday, May 30, 2009

Addi's Big Day

Addi had her first date today! She was a really good girl yesterday for our babysitter, so as a reward she got to take a date to the circus. She was so excited she could hardly stand it!

To get ready, she picked out an outfit and then she got a mani/pedi, a la Mommy. She even got little flowers on her toes, just like a big girl.

It was a little weird sending her on her first big date, but it turns out I really like the guy she chose.

Jay said it was a great date with just the two of them. Addi's favorite part was the clowns with the funny noses, and she also liked the elephants!

They did have a slight issue when she had to go potty towards the end of the show. She refused to use the men's room because "Those are for BOYS! I'm a girl!" and then when they finally got back to their seats, the circus was over and her cotton candy had been thrown away.
Jay said she just sat there looking sad, so he bought her another bag of cotton candy. It came with a free hat.

I'm so happy her first date went so well. Fingers crossed we don't have another one for many, many years!

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what a cute story! I love your blog... have I said this a million times... but seriously, this is just so sweet! it would be neat if you could print all these out somehow and make a book of each year :) hope all is well!

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