Saturday, April 25, 2009

She can't beat the feeling

I LOVE Coke Zero. LOVE IT. I was hooked on coffee for a few weeks but I easily fell back in love with my Zero. I can get by with one can a day but I savor every minute of it.

Addi loves it too. Although I'm pretty sure she has no idea it's calorie free - it tastes sweet and makes her too wound up for nap time, so of course it's a big hit. But she only steals sips of mine - we definitely don't try to let that girl get more wound up by giving her much of it.

Today it was yard day. We tried to lay new mulch in between rain clouds (and by "we" I mean Jay did and I attempted to keep the kids out of his hair.) The girls and I went outside for a little bit for them to play and me to help Jay and Addi took my CZ over to her picnic table. She and Sam enjoyed their drinks together.

A few minutes later I turned around and saw this: This is what it looks like when your 11 month old grabs the Coke Zero from the table, dumps it all over the picnic table, and then licks it off the bench.

After giving her back her water, Addi couldn't resist tasting the yummy goodness too.

It was only a matter of time before the girls both loved CZ. It's in their DNA!
And FYI - that is a diaper Addi is wearing. That's another post entirely.

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i WISH i loved coke zero... but i love COKE!!! Full calories and all... oh my gosh... it calls my name daily (hourly). i've given it up for the baby's sake... but oh my gosh... as soon as i can take a sip of it's magical wonderfulness... yum yum yum!!!! i'm trying to remember when i could have a soda after my c-section.... ahhhhhhhhh!!!

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