Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mission: Unaccomplished

We had big plans for Friday night - enjoy some family time, find the remote, and just relax. Instead, we got to make a trip to the ER. Why? I thought I was dying. Seriously... not really dying per say but I thought either I was having a heart attack or something was going to explode inside. Either way, it was not fun. I felt pretty bad because Addi was scared and kept asking what was wrong as I was crying in pain. Then, while driving to the ER (imagine me, hunched over, crying and Jay driving like a mad-man) Addi asked, "Mommy, do you have a baby coming out of your belly?" UM, NO.

Jay whipped into the ER, I crawled out, and he took the kids to our good friend Laura's house for some dinner while Jay came to make sure I was OK. At the ER I had tests ran, drank some nasty concoction that numbed my tummy, and got a glorious round of pain meds in my IV. Once I was no longer in pain I was sent home with instructions to take Mylanta for my "Acute Gastritis" (read: heartburn) and to see my doctor in five to eight days.

Proof :)

Fast forward to Tuesday night (three attacks and one sonogram later) when I received a call from my doctor saying I have gallstones and will most likely need surgery. Now I will meet with a surgeon next week and all will be well. No worries!

One upside to our ER visit... while getting pulled over on the way home from Laura's house we told the cop we had just left the ER. We got off with a warning. Thank goodness for small favors!

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by the way... how are you feeling!?!? is surgery the for sure outcome?

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