Friday, April 10, 2009

In the dark of night...

Today Jay and I are off work for Good Friday, and the kids are also home with us because their daycare was closed. So far, we've been shoe shopping for both girls, bought Addi an entire new wardrobe, ate lunch at Culvers, and Jay is currently grocery shopping. We also have big plans to do some laundry and maybe clean the playroom.

But what Jay and I are most looking forward to is tonight, once the kids are in bed. We are going to quietly escape to the dark dining room and together, get under the table. There, we will do things that some people only dream of. And we aren't coming out until we succeed.

Sound a little... Adult? Don't worry, our plans are strictly rated G.

See, under our dining room table is fondly known around here as Addi's "Car". She makes us go under there a few times a week and "drive" with her, and she hangs out under there alone nightly. She's got toys, dolls, bags, Tupperware, plastic forks... You name it, she's got it stashed under there. Try to remove even a used tissue and you get the wrath of Addi full force.

And that's where our covert operation begins. We are convinced the remote for our TV is under there somewhere. And we are going to find it if it's the last thing we do.

That's right. We are going to carjack her.

Of course, we aren't stupid enough to attempt this while she's around. The high-pitched cries hurt my ears just thinking about it. So, we will go under the cover of night.

Wish us luck. Our mission is a tough one, but we will succeed.

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