Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I spell Creepy with a "K"

Imagine this for a second: It's 2 a.m. You were JUST woken up by a crying kid who needed to potty NOW. You take care of business and get her back to sleep, when all the sudden, you hear voices coming from the playroom. You do a quick sweep and see the cat and dog asleep in their beds, Sam is in her room, and Addi is asleep next to you. But still, the voices continue.

Voices saying, "K says 'Ka', K says 'Ka', every letter makes a sound, K says 'Ka!' K-k-k-k, says 'Ka', K sa-sa-sa-sa-sa-says 'Ka'...."

After about four minutes of completely freaking out, you realize it's this GREAT phonics toy making all the ruckus. Making the noise on it's own and stuttering too.Now, I DO like this toy. It teaches letters and phonics and even colors. BUT. When it becomes possessed and starts playing over and over on it's own in the middle of the night, I get a little Kreeped out.

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