Thursday, April 9, 2009

99 Excuses

Addison's excuses to not go to bed:
  1. She needs some medicine.
  2. She is scared of noises.
  3. She is scared of her closet.
  4. She is scared of the heat register that she just pulled out of the ground.
  5. She needs a tissue.
  7. She needs to throw the tissue away.
  8. She is going to throw up.
  9. She needs a drink.
  10. She had Sami's toy in her room, and it must go.
  11. She needs Mommy.
  12. Mommy's not her friend anymore, she needs Daddy.
  13. She needs to potty.
  14. Her throat hurts from screaming.
  15. Etc.
  16. ETC.
  17. ETC.

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