Thursday, March 19, 2009

Enemy #1 – The Moon

Some mornings are better than others. As a rule, Sam wakes up with a huge smile on her face and just goes with the flow all morning long. Addi either wakes up happy or wakes up like a bear coming out of hibernation… Mad, hungry, and growling at everyone.

Once the kids are up, it’s time to get dressed, brush teeth, grab breakfast for Addi, then get shoes and coats on and get out the door. Add in the assorted missing shoe, the wrong paci for Sam and you are looking at an extended stay in the kitchen. Really, it’s like herding cats most mornings.

This morning was no different. Sam, happy as can be. Addi, crying for every reason under the sun. She didn’t like her pants. I hurt her when I brushed her hair. She wanted a red juice box not a purple one. And a purple cereal bar, not an orange one. We finally got into the car and down the driveway when the waterworks really started. Addi couldn’t see the moon. It was on Sam’s side and was SO UNFAIR. Chaos ensued and I started to get a headache.

Once we got to school, Addi was still crying. As soon as I got her out of the car I pointed to the sky and said, “Look Addi! There’s the moon! Say hello!” I grabbed Sam and started into the building when SPLAT, then SCREAM! While chatting with the moon, Addi tripped. And scraped her chin. And was bleeding. Poor thing.

Come on moon, work with me a little. Would it KILL you to just move to the other side of the atmosphere once in a while and make a three year old happy?


Sandra R. Vigil said...

Steph, your Addi stories CRACK me up!!! She's going to love reading all these when she's older. Addison sounds like a hoot. She must keep constantly entertained.

Anonymous said...

We have this same moon problem. Braxton and Casey are always hollering about not seeing the moon. They sit on opposite sides of the car so you can see how that becomes an issue. :)

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