Monday, March 30, 2009

The child formerly known as "Addi"

Addi has quite the imagination - that's really no surprise. For example, she carried a football around all day today as her "baby" and at one point was holding a cold rag on it's 'face'. When I asked what she was doing I got the infamous eye roll and, "Mommy, my baby has blood on her face. THAT baby (points to offender) hit my baby in the mouth. Send her to time out!"

So of course I did. I have NO patience for abusive Care Bears in this house.

Anyway, as I mentioned before, we were in Indy last night. In an attempt to play cards we set Addi up with some markers and paper and suggested she color a card for Lorelai. And she did! And then she asked if I'd help her sign it "Kiki". Who's Kiki? Apparently, Addison. She insisted that I call her Kiki off and on all day.

I am a TAD afraid of that, because Kiki (or is it KiKi?) seems to kind of be a slutty name. And as we all know, my kid is already working towards a career in the "entertainment" industry.

So please, call her Kiki if you see her. And pat Jay on the back when you see him too. His self-proclaimed "one job" as a parent is to keep his daughters off the pole. Quit falling down on the job, Jay!

(Completely random side note: I am up at 1 a.m. updating my blog because Sam just woke up hungry, so I had to feed her a bottle. THEN I got freaked out because Smokey is at the kennel and for the first time in three years, I miss him and his contribution to our family. Something I can't believe I'm saying but it's true. Turns out when he's not here, every noise I hear is a murderer coming to kill me. SHOCKING I know but I'm afraid of the dark. Yes, along with my other irrational fears of choking and wearing my shirts inside out, this 31 year old is afraid of the dark. So, Smokey, come home soon! Oh but if you get dirt on my clean floors your contribution will be minimized to me once again. :) )

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