Tuesday, March 3, 2009

20 Addisons

Addison is in LOVE with her teacher, Miss Maryann. She sometimes calls ME Miss Maryann, then giggles at her mistake. She also constantly corrects things Jay and I do if they are not up to Miss Maryann's standards.

As a parent, I am constantly worried that people won't like Addi. No one wants to have their kid come home from school and hear "so and so doesn't like me", etc. I'm not one to dislike little children but it's amazing how angry you can get at Andrew/Emily/Tyson completely based on word of mouth. So Addi's adoration of Miss Maryann has me crossing my fingers daily that the feeling is mutual.

And, apparently, it is mutual. Last week I picked Addi up and stopped to talk to Maryann, asking her how Addi behaved during the day. Bracing for the worst, she said, "Oh, She was GREAT. Just wonderful. I wish I had 20 Addison's in my class."

"Seriously???!?" asks the bewildered mom, looking for sarcasm in the comment and really not seeing much.

"Oh definitely! She is so nice to the other kids and helpful with me. She is a joy to have in class."

Speechless Mommy here. But a very, very proud Mommy at that.

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