Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Growing up... and sick

This weekend while we were hanging out at the house, I looked over and Sam was crawl/scooting over to her play table. Then, she pulled on up and looked over at us with a look that said, "What. I've been doing this my whole life."

Monday night Sam came home from daycare with a fever, and by morning she was pretty sick. A trip to the doctor and we found out she had a double ear infection. And just like last time, she hates the antibiotic, so getting her to take them is a struggle.

Doesn't she look sick?

I was getting a little frustrated because I am the only one Sam wants. She won't sleep unless she's laying on or beside me. Which I know I should just relish, because in a few months she will want nothing to do with that and I will be on here, crying about my long lost cuddly baby.
I did have a few brief moments of solitude yesterday... If I was quick enough I could lay her down for a few minutes before she woke up.

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Anonymous said...

get that girl a modeling contract, now!

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