Monday, December 8, 2008

Sam the Monster

The long, long journey of sharing our toys began tonight. Up until now, we have had Addi toys and Sam toys. Mine and yours, you could say. Or more realistically, Mine and Mine (if you would ask Addi.)

But tonight was different. While Addi made her puppy (that would be me - she now refuses to call me Mommy - only Puppy) a "snack", Sam sat in the play room with us. And she reached for Addi's toys, which of course went right into her mouth.

The first few Addi immediately freaked out about. "No! Mine!" she said. But then I had a brilliant idea. I convinced Addi that Sam was the MONSTER coming to attack her toys! And she totally went with it. A giant, drooling monster.

If anyone has anymore ideas about sharing send them my way. I'm pretty sure that one
won't last long.

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