Sunday, December 21, 2008

On Dasher, on Dancer...

Yesterday Addi and I decided to make reindeer food and cookies for the impending appearance of the big guy. Since we are heading out in the morning for Indiana, we sent Santa a letter and asked to see if he could stop by our house a bit early. And he obliged... pics and stories later.

In case you aren't familiar with fine reindeer cuisine, it's a mixture of oatmeal and glitter. Oatmeal because, really, who doesn't like that, and glitter so it sparkles and Santa can see our house from far away. Addi added her own special touch of flour and sugar because that's what reindeer like, according to the boss lady.

After the addition of the four scoops of flour, the glitter pretty much disappeared. A-ha, I thought, I have some glitter glue in my scrapbook supplies, that should totally work.

Wrong. All we ended up with were chunks of glued-together oatmeal. They didn't even sparkle. You live, you learn. We spread it outside anyway, chunks and all, and Santa showed up last night. Maybe it was the glitter, maybe it was the $50 we left on the front steps... who knows.

Anyway, as we spread out the glue-y goodness, I asked Addi if she knew what the reindeer were named. And got a reminder that she MIGHT watch too much Disney channel.

"Yes... The reindeer are the Super Sleuths. Darby, Tigger, and Pooh."

Close enough.

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