Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh, Christmas tree!

Last Saturday Jay and I started decorating for Christmas. Might seem early but we love to have decorations up as long as possible. Seriously, I took the Halloween ones down three days before Thanksgiving. And who are we kidding, we don't "like" them up, we are just too lazy to take them down in a timely manner.

With Addi and Sam in tow, it was a bit trickier than in years' past, but the end result was the same... a beautiful festive house!

Here are the girls... "helping".... And no, Addi does not have on pants.

The finished tree... I'll have to get some pictures at night with it all lit up!

I LOVE our mantle... We have a really nice Nativity set and it looks great up there!
This weekend we are going to check out Christmas lights and see Santa... I'm sure that will be an adventure!

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