Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I've mentioned my daughter's imagination before. Like how she now will only refer to me as "Puppy." Or how she likes to pretend she is Dora about to get eaten by an alligator. Add in the difficulty of understanding her when she talks... S's sound like T's, but sometimes S's sound like D's, and life at our house is one big guessing game as to what scenario we are playing out at any given time.

Now, pretend you are me for a minute. You walk in and see the picture below. What do you think the girls "are" today?"

Here's a hint: I was told to "Back away from the boat!"

That's right. According to Addi, "Sam's the captain and I'm her pirate, and her bed is our boat. Arrrghhhhh!"

She then proceeded to Arrrgghhhh at me the entire time I got them dressed.

At least she didn't roll her eyes at me today.

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