Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What a great weekend (and I hate IOWA!)

This weekend Sam and I traveled to Minnesota to meet some of my friends, some of them for the first time. I have mentioned on here before but when I was pregnant with Sam, I joined an online community for pregnant moms. Now, one year later, the majority of us have May babies and have become fast friends. It's a little odd to talk about at first but these women have really become a great source of support and friendship. And great wine drinking buddies too!

Anyway, Mandee and Jack headed to Peoria last Friday night and Saturday we got up with the Sun and began what, according to Rand McNally, should have been a seven hour trip. Apparently Rand has never made the trip with two 6 month olds because 10 hours after we parted ways with my driveway we checked into our hotel.

That night, our friends Bethanne, her mom, Wilton, Shannon, Wade, Kaitlin, Kyle, Jeremy, Krystal, Wyatt, Westin, Zoey and Mandee, Jack, Sam and I hung out in our room and at the very cool hotel pool. The kids swam and us moms chatted it up.

Sam and Kaitlin, practicing the art of sharing

Sam, Jack and Zoey having a pajama party

Sunday morning, Mandee and I got the kids ready, then they napped while Mandee and I got everything else ready. They also had time to play for a bit, baby style.

Jack and Sam, napping friends

Wrestling, anyone???
Jack and Sam, showing off their paci's

Next, we headed to Bethanne's house for a candle party and some wine. There we got to also meet Patrick (B's hubby) and Mickey and Piper. And of course drank some Oliver wine!

Top row, L - R: Me, Sam, Bethanne, Wilton, Shannon, Mickey and Piper
Bottom row, L - R: Krystal, Zoey, Mandee and Jack

After the party we headed to Outback for dinner and more drinks. Sam proved that she, unlike some people, is a carnivore. Yummy Mickey!

Monday morning, we packed up and headed home. And we got it down to nine hours that time! All in all, a pretty great weekend!

Now, about the Iowa hating part, read below.

Top Ten Things to remember when traveling to Minnesota:

  1. Six different McDonalds. Six different menus. Come on... Who doesn't have sweet T and coffee??
  2. Rand McNally isn't always right. An atlas would be nice to have in the car.
  3. When you DON'T have an atlas, just have Mandee pick up a lesbian at a gas station. They give away free maps of Iowa.
  4. Minnesota is cold. Pack an ice scraper.
  5. When you don't have an ice scraper, a drivers license works well.
  6. Don't drive 87 mph in a 65. Apparently, that's against the law.
  7. When getting pulled over for going 87 mph, pinching the kids to produce tears does NOT gain sympathy from the cop. Nor does it make the pain of a $185 ticket any less brutal.
  8. It's important to have a not-expired insurance card in your car as well. See number 6 and 7, above.
  9. U-turns are a way of life in Iowa. Especially when you get lost (see number 2 above).
  10. Laugh often - then cry when you wake up the kids.

Proof I have a lead foot:
Thanks for the hospitality, Minnesota!

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mad880 said...

Way to go Ralph...They don't post those 65s on the side of the road for nothin'!

Happy Turkey Day!

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