Monday, November 10, 2008

Pretend Play = Stupid Mommy

Addi loves to play pretend. She has a great imagination and constantly acts scenes out from shows (ie: Dora and Diego) or makes up her own story. And although I love that she is so creative, I do NOT love that somehow, in her imaginary world, Mommy is just soooooooooooooooo dumb.

Exhibit A: Addi is trying to put her shoes on and is acting like they are too far away. I said, "Come on, Dora! You can do it! Get a rope out of your backpack and reach those shoes!" and she reached around, pulled out a pretend rope, and pulled herself to the shoes. I said, "Wow Dora, way to go over that river!" and I got back an exasperated sigh, an eye roll, and a "Mommy, it was a mountain." Well, duh.

Exhibit B: We were in Bob Evan's enjoying breakfast when Addi starts growling at me. I said, "Hi, baby jaguar!" (a friend of Diego's) and again, I got the sigh, eye roll, and "Mommy, I'm a baby tiger." Stupid me.

Exhibit C: Addi and I were walking down the road and she stopped to play at a mailbox. I said, "Come on, Addi, let's not stop to play," and back I get the popular sigh and "Uh, Mommy, I'm not playing, I'm pooping."


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Sandra R. Vigil said...

If we could only see what's going on in their heads!! Madison does this too. Duh Mommy, don't you see that huge mountain?

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