Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend Update with Stephanie Ralph

This past weekend the Ralph family made a trek to Indianapolis. On the docket: meet new cousin/niece Loralai, have family pictures taken, meet Steph’s imaginary friend Mandee, and relax. And in typical Ralph family mode, the weekend started with a bang and kept going till we couldn’t stand it any longer!

Friday night we got to my mom’s house and began settling in. Three minutes later… BANG. Addi was running around and ran right into the kitchen island. And got a HUGE purple goose egg on her head. No worries….. OH WAIT, what did I saw about family pictures? Hmmm. Then Sam got tired of us paying so much attention to Addi and had a little explosion of her own. I won’t go into further detail but will say I threw that outfit straight into the trash.

We got to hang out with Loralai and love on her, and what a doll she is. I would post pictures but apparently didn’t take any. Aunt of the year! That’s me!

Saturday my mom hosted an open house for family and friends to come meet Loralai and see Sam. Sam must have heard about Addi’s purple forehead and again felt left out, so she woke up, promptly threw up, and then broke out in hives. Lucky for us the hives didn’t hit her face until Saturday evening, after the pictures were taken. And they were completely gone by Sunday. Whew.

As for the photo shoot, those were an entirely different adventure. I really wanted fall pictures we can use for Christmas cards, so we all wore brown to go with the theme. Sounds harmless enough, right? Well, what we failed to notice was the heat wave headed for the Midwest. So…. We wore sweaters and jeans to the park in 86-degree weather. At least Addi didn’t sweat enough for her concealer to rub off. She did however pout, refuse to smile, and beg for us to let her take a nap. Probably the first and last time THAT will ever happen!

Saturday evening Jay, Sam and I headed to Pat Flynn’s to have dinner with my imaginary friend Mandee, her husband Jason, and their son Jack. We call Mandee imaginary because I met her online on a pregnancy site, but she is obviously real. And very fun! We had a great time and the kids enjoyed it immensely.

Needless to say we were very happy to get home in one piece and relax. And we have no big plans for this coming weekend, hooray!

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