Saturday, October 25, 2008

Movin and Shakin, Part 2

To Addi's dismay, Sam moves more and more each day. I say her dismay because Addi is an attention hog and she will have trouble sharing the spotlight with her sister. So far we've had little trouble but the day is coming when Addi will have to fight for her attention a bit more than today.

As you can see, Sam is starting to play with toys and move around when she's on her belly.

Yes. That's a potty in the background. I don't want to talk about it.

The biggest news story this week is Sam's new skill... Sitting up unassisted!

That's right... She really enjoys it, contrary to the "You are going to put that thermometer WHERE?" look she has on her face in this picture. She has yet to master the STAYING in the sitting position for longer than 20 seconds skill so we have to watch her pretty carefully.
After a few days of Sam moving, playing, and sitting up, I think Addi began to worry. She cried on more than one occasion when Sam kicked her... Apparently a swift kick to the leg by a five month old is more than she can take. No degree of minimizing the pain would do, it hurt "so bad Mommy." So, in order to start fighting back, she started working on bulking up this week by with some light weight training.

If she asks to go to GNC to pick up some protein powder, I'm going to tell her no.


Nicole - Life in Progress said...

Sam is getting so big. They are such cuties, those girls!

Our Family said...

Sam is sitting up! Wow! I saw the potty in the background. Yes, we have one too. Right by the TV. Nice...

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