Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Girl's Night Out

Last night I did what I hope will become a long-standing tradition in the Ralph house - I took my two girls shopping. And when you are carting a 2.75 year old and a 4.75 month old around single-handedly, it can get a bit tricky.

I made a bold move in making the trip in the first place, with no way of restraining Addi.

Because I consider one of the keys to my maternal success to be Physical Restraint.

However, now that she is a "big girl" I allowed her some freedom and independence. "Stay right with mommy, OK?" "Yes." "Don't run off and give mommy a coronary, OK?" "Yes."

And mostly, she listened. She did run up and down the mall hall but with few people around it didn't really matter. She even stopped on command and would wait for me when requested.

She also helped push Sam, independently of course. Like this....

And we got smiles, oohs and aaahs all around by the cuteness of the pair. "Alright," I thought... I can do this! Nothing embarrassing has happened! She listened! I puffed up my chest a bit at my new-found independent and obedient daughter, and headed to one last store.

And made ONE teensy mistake.

I asked Addi if she had to potty. "Nope." I asked Addi if she had already pottied in her princess panties (due to the suspicious odor coming from her direction.) "Nope." And then I asked again, one last time.

And Addi pulled her pants and panties down to PROVE TO ME that she had in fact NOT gone potty. And she was right.

Too bad it was smack dab in the middle of the mall.

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