Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bedtime Woes

At least a few times a week, Addi wanders into our room in the middle of the night or early early morning. Sometimes she has a bad dream, sometimes she is just lonely. We used to walk her back to her room but lately Jay and I wake up and there she is... and neither of us has any recollection of her showing up! I don't know if we are so tired we don't remember or if she sneaks in, either way, she's there. WITH several of her "friends".

Sam also sleeps in her own room but a few times a week she'll wake up to eat in the middle of the night. If I am motivated I'll move her back to her room when I'm done feeding her, but this week it's been so cold that when I pick her up her hands are freezing. Since blankets and babies are a difficult combo, this week I've let her stay in our bed after eating simply to keep her warm.

And, it's no coincidence they both stay there... Some of my favorite times are early Saturday morning when both girls are watching cartoons and we are all laying together. It's cozy, it's warm, and it's just fun. So, I'm not in a HUGE rush to kick them out.


My girls are both still little. But add in Coco the bear. And Kitty the cat. And whatever blankie Addi has chosen as her favorite. And her pillow. And Sam's burp rag (her constant companion). And Sam's paci (artfully hidden from Addi). And what you get is a king-size bed with no room for the parents.

Kinda like this:

See that TINY space to the left of Addi? That's Jay's spot. My spot looks similar, just to the right of Sam. We leave ample room around Sam - don't want her squished! We squeeze in there somehow but it's getting tight. And covers? Forget about it. I'm lucky if I get a corner of a blanket, so I end of freezing. With a backache from contorting around Sam.
At least THEY are comfortable....

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