Sunday, July 13, 2008

A week in pictures...

For lack of anything comical or entertaining to write, here are seven pictures that sum up the last week. Enjoy!

Last Sunday, we spent a lazy day at home and in the backyard. Sami had her first swingset experience but she did not go down the slide!
Monday, Addi helped feed Sami. And she did a decent job too!
Tuesday, the girls "pretended" to be asleep. Well, Sami was knocked out, Addi was faking. Wednesday, Sami got a bath in the kitchen... then promptly puked.
Thursday, Sami cried when Addi stole her paci. OR maybe she was crying because I put that stupid headband on her and she looked like Richard Simmons.
Friday... we pottied in the living room...Saturday, we went to the Heart of Illinois Fair and saw the usual animals you see at a fair... Horses, goats, a few white tigers, a zebra and two elephants. I thought Jay was kidding when he said they had the last three but nope, that's what you get in Illinois.

All in all, a decent week!

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