Friday, July 4, 2008

Top 100

In August 2007, I started a blog about our family... the ups, the downs, and let's face it... the poop. Now, close to one year later I am writing my 100th post, and our lives have changed quite a bit. Addison is one year older... Samantha has joined our family... Both Jay and I no longer work in Mossville... Our extended family has grown with Adam getting married to Molly, Lee marrying Roxy, and Eric and Lisa's daughter Carissa joining the mix... But the one thing that hasn't changed is the fun we have as a family!

For my 100th post, I have thought long and hard about what to write. I didn't think pictures of Sam looking like a rap star would be fitting (those are to come some other day!) so I decided to poll the family and list our Top 100 things we love and are grateful for. Thanks for those of you who read our blog and especially to those who give us material to write about!

Top 100
  1. Jay and I's parents.
  2. Addison and Samantha.
  3. Our brothers and sisters.
  4. Our nieces and nephews.
  5. Chocolate.
  6. Living in a country where we are free.
  7. Fireworks.
  8. Butt warmers in our car seats.
  9. Purdue football.
  10. Cute baby feet.
  11. Green grass.
  12. Our sprinkler system (keeps the grass green).
  13. Blue Moon beer.
  14. Juice boxes.
  15. Each other (Jay and I).
  16. Digital cameras.
  17. Cell phones.
  18. When our cat poops IN his litter box.
  19. Privacy fences.
  20. Scrapbooking.
  21. My Cricket.
  22. Ralpharitas.
  23. Paying off a student loan.
  24. Pretty flowers.
  25. Freshly-cut grass.
  26. Elmo.
  27. Still talking to family friends for over 25 years!
  28. Actually keeping in touch with college friends.
  29. New, non-college friends.
  30. Coco the bear.
  31. Coke Zero.
  32. Mommy (per Addi in response to "what's your favorite?"
  33. Peanut butter-filled pretzels.
  34. Deep-fried turkey.
  35. Sleeping in late.
  36. Roller coasters.
  37. Laptop computers.
  38. Laptops that still work while taped together.
  39. Wireless internet.
  40. Blackberries.
  41. My Dyson vacuum.
  42. Having good health insurance.
  43. Cherry Coke Zero.
  44. Strawberries.
  45. Homemade Ice Cream.
  46. Bubble baths.
  47. Cool wine bottles.
  48. Breakfast club (at Purdue).
  49. Electricity.
  50. Daddy (per Addi).
  51. Baby (per Addi).
  52. Clean sheets.
  53. The Neon Cactus' Piano Bar.
  54. The gambling boat.
  55. NOT losing at the boat.
  56. Boating.
  57. Naptime.
  58. Naked sliding.
  59. Swingsets.,,,;;
  60. Swimming dZjjhh';h yjj, '
  61. 's]ss's's
  62. s'./l.
  63. /Z
  64. Not having Addi on my lap while typing.
  65. Pacifiers.
  66. 4 wheel drive.
  67. Childproof locks.
  68. Crocs.
  69. Bottled water.
  70. New babies.
  71. Golf.
  72. Purdue basketball.
  73. Flat-screen TVs.
  74. Not having to move 2,000 lb TVs anymore.
  75. Puzzles.
  76. Bouncy seats.
  77. Long car drives.
  78. Peace and quiet.
  79. The mall.
  80. Indianapolis.
  81. The Indy 500.
  82. NOT living in Indianapolis.
  83. Haubstadt summerfest.
  84. The beer stoob.
  85. Jogging strollers.
  86. Addi sleeping on a long walk.
  87. Sandboxes.
  88. Afternoon cookouts.
  89. Bananas.
  90. Jimmy Buffet.
  91. Summer concerts.
  92. Key West.
  93. An open bar.
  94. Flip flops.
  95. The "beep beep beep" that our door does when someone opens it.
  96. Happy hour.
  97. A clean house.
  98. A lazy Sunday as a family.
  99. Catching up with family and friends.
  100. Having each other.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

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