Thursday, July 31, 2008

Moving on...

Today is the last day at my job in Mossville. Now, for those non-Caterpillar people out there, most Cat employees switch jobs every two to four years but are still employed by Cat (they just move onto a new opportunity, sometimes at a new location). This question comes up a lot when I tell people from home that I got a new job... they always say "You quit Cat?" Nope.

Writing this I know is a bit weird. Who blogs about work anyway? But considering some of the topics I have blogged on in the past, this is nothing. Just read the archives... some days it's a big stretch to come up with interesting things to say.

Anyway, after almost (gulp) four years at my current job, I am very emotional about the change. Happy, sad, excited, nervous... I'll miss the people I've worked with for so long and even though I know I'll still see them here and there, we all know it's not the same. Right, wrong, or indifferent, I don't come to work to just get the job done and leave. Most weeks I spend considerably more time working than I do with my kids, so if I am going to invest that much of myself into something I'm going to have a good time, make friends, and find something I like about every day. And work every now and then too.

As my way of recapping the last four years, I've compiled a few of my favorite or most memorable times from Mossville. For you non-Mossville-ians, try not to be bored. I've even included a few pictures when appropriate for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!
  • Coming in each day and seeing Linda's smiling face. Even with a bum back and knee, she is always smiling.
  • Glenn's face each month when he sees how much money I have spent.
  • Taking 10,000 "Made in China" stickers off koozies (and seriously, there were 10,000).
  • The 2005 Open House, my first big event.
  • How great it was to see disgruntled, angry employees show their work areas off with so much pride to their families.
  • The 2006 Power Parade.
  • Having to go to the medical tent during the Power Parade because it was so hot.
  • The day after the Power Parade, realizing what an amazing thing I accomplished.
  • Picking on Daren, my boss, for anything and everything. He is such a good sport when we make fun of him.
  • Speaking of... Daren and his pink cocktail at Bar Louie.

  • Daren "seasoning" his Twizzlers.
  • Stealing Daren's stapler and 13 other office accessories and him never realizing they were gone.
  • Jean Moore explaining to us exactly what a Flopping Crappy was.
  • Jena and her coupons.
  • Jim Story-isms - a fave of mine: "You are confusing ugly with stupid."
  • Meeting Jim Owens (our CEO).

  • The great jacket debacle. 'Nuff said.
  • Renting (and then moving. THREE TIMES.) PODS to store said jackets.
  • Having such great interns... We have been SO lucky.
  • Having NOT such great interns broadcast inappropriate material across four 60" TVs in the shop. To be viewed by several hundred employees.
  • The Events Team. And my few "favorite" team members.
  • How excited everyone was when I told them I was pregnant both times.
  • The reaction everyone constantly gave to the torpedo belly.
  • People actually listening to my stories.... Jay long ago started ignoring them.
  • Our staff meetings each week... Even though it's for work, our team always has fun and I love it!
  • Creating very odd things for department heads and General Managers. Like this, for example.

  • Candy in Wes's office.
  • Moving offices. Five times.
  • How proud I am to show off my kids to coworkers...
  • The United Way appeal each year and the groans it brings from our whole department. GREAT cause... BIG pain in the rear.
  • Free lunches... with spaghetti water and sauce dripping on the floor.
  • When new people come into the department (because they laugh at my stories everyone else has heard WAY too many times.)
  • Actually seeing improvement in our employees and in our work.
  • Seeing the past three college interns get hired in full time. Makes me proud.
  • Still keeping in touch with old coworkers who have moved on.
  • The pride I feel when I see a Cat commercial on TV.
  • Knowing that somehow, someway, our group might actually make a difference.
Basically, it's been a long four years. I am very excited to move on and learn new things, and know that I have grown tremendously as an employee from my experiences I have gained while at MEC. I hope that I have as much fun at my next job and have as great of coworkers as I do currently. To all of you: THANKS!

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