Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just us and the bats

Does this girl look sleepy?????

I think not!
Sooooooooo it's 4 am and Sam is WIDE awake. I am trying to not fall asleep holding her (fears of dropping her, etc.) so here I am, surfing the net. It's amazing the clarity that comes at this early hour... and more interesting, the questions that surface. Here are just a few:
  • What exactly is my cat chasing?
  • Who buys all this crap on infomercials? And, how upset would Jay get if I bought the new and improved George Foreman grill?
  • Was the website I just found that lists the best and worst infomercials really necessary? And do I want to investigate and find out exactly what a Velform Sauna Belt is?
  • Was Tim Taylor always this funny?
  • How clean my house looks in the dark... I'm starting to think lights are overrated.
Nothing too exciting to ponder I guess... I just texted my friend Jenny, who is being induced as I type, to wish her luck.... And Sam is finally nodding off, so I'll head back upstairs and try to fall asleep before I buy an ab roller.

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