Monday, July 21, 2008

A Family of Friends

This past weekend we spent a long, lazy weekend with Jay's family in southern Indiana. Jay's brother Adam came home for his friend Brian's 30th birthday, so Jay and the girls and I made our first road trip with Sam to visit. The ride home really wasn't as bad as we thought possible but packing for two girls proved to be harder than I thought! It' s just been so long since I've had to pack for a baby... you forget all the junk they need.

Friday we all headed to a pool for a few hours and enjoyed the sun and water. Addi was super brave and went right down the water slide, and Allie and Megan both went off the high dive (I didn't know anywhere still had diving boards!). Addi had a great time with her "friends", aka cousins.

Then, everyone hung out in the pool and just floated around.

Finally, the girls were tired of swimming and Allie and Addi had a snack, while Sam slept in her stroller.
That night Aunt Monica, Uncle Jim, Uncle Tim, Alicia, Kelly, Miranda, Bryce and Braydon all came over for dinner to see Adam and meet Sam.

Aunt Monica loving on Sam

Sam is really smiling and laughing a lot now and really enjoyed meeting her extended family (at least she said she did.)

Overall, it was a nice weekend. We got home late last night (around 12:30 a.m.) and Sam and I are just relaxing right now. Jay is at the store and Addi is at the sitters because she wanted to see her friends. I have my first day back at work tomorrow (BOOOOOOOOOOO) so I am attempting to relax and get mentally prepared. Luckily I am easing into work with two days this week, three next, then off to my new job on August 11th.

Off to the glamour of folding laundry!

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