Friday, June 13, 2008

Memory Like an Elephant

Everyday when Addi gets home from the sitter, we have the exact same conversation. It goes something like this:

Me: Addi, how was your day?
Addi: Kims house (translation: I went to Kim's house today.)
Me: What did you do at Kim's house?
Addi: Cameron Rrrroarrrr! (translation: Cameron chased me around, pretending to be a dinosaur, growling.)
Me: Addi, Cameron wasn't at Kim's today. Did you read books or color today?
Addi: Caelen bite me on my tummy. Ow-ow!
Me: Addi, Caelen bit you in February. That was a long time ago. She wasn't at Kim's today either so I bet she didn't bite you today.
Addi: Yes, Caelen bite me! See? (lifts shirt, points)
Me: OK (defeated and giving up)

Somehow the kid can't remember not to hit, to tell us when she needs to go potty, or where she left her favorite toy, but she can't forget things that happened several months ago. Ugh.

Anyway, yesterday after we had our regular conversation, we helped Jay cook dinner. Addi helped by holding the baby outside and did a remarkably good job.

I had to take a picture of their feet.... I can't believe Addi was ever this small.

After dinner we attempted to get a picture of Sam's smile... It's pretty elusive but I've seen it a few times. This was immediately following the smile :)

And finally here is a picture of my dad's dog. He is basically my shadow... constantly underfoot and wants to be with the baby nonstop. Anytime I turn my head he licks her. Have I mentioned I'll be happy when he goes home?

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