Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"It's not fair..."

That phrase is what I swear Addison has running through her head at all times, now that she has a sister. She LOVES Samantha and wants to hold her constantly (although two minutes later it's "Get her off!"), and is extremely helpful when it comes to helping with Sam's needs. All in all, she is a rock star big sister.


3 a.m. is NOT the time to hold the baby. Or the time to start the "It's not fair" accusations. I would actually prefer to hold those off indefinitely but I know that's impossible. But NO, my desires are not taken into account here, at least not by the 2-year-old boss of the house.

This morning at 3 a.m., Samantha was getting a bottle. So Addi (who had inexplicably woken up to a leaky Dora Pull Up) decided she also needed milk. As well as a snack. Then Samantha needed burped and rocked. And so did Addi. Then, Sam decided it was just too fun in our room and really didn't need to sleep. And because what sister gets Addi should have, she also didn't need to sleep - in fact, some cartoons would be nice. Some toys too, perhaps a plastic cash register that makes all kinds of great noises. And if she could hold the baby, that would please her as well.

Needless to say, I am tired. My poor husband had his alarm set for 3:45 and got to shut it off without having it go off, since he was already awake, so he is exhausted today. Addi finally gave up the fight at 5 a.m. and fell asleep, and Sam followed suit and also sacked out. Better luck tonight!

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