Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rerun: I'm Reliving My College Years

**This was originally posted back in spring of 2008, right after Samantha was born.  Funny how things change and how half of this stuff happened again last night, two years later!  Enjoy!**

They say everything comes back around, and I thought that only applied to bell bottoms and bad sitcom remakes. But no, it turns out I am also reliving my college years, one night at a time. Let me explain.

So, last night Jay's sister Jill came to visit with two of her daughters, Megan and Allie. Allie slept in Addi's room and when we went to bed, all was well.

Fast forward to 1:30 a.m. I was up with Samantha for a feeding when I heard Addi start screaming. I went to get her and brought her in our room, then fought on and off with her to go to sleep. During this two-hour window of being awake I contemplated exactly how many similarities there are from my college years at Purdue to my life now.
  1. We were all wide awake at 2 a.m. with no sign of sleep to come.
  2. One person was BEGGING for the night to end (me) while everyone else was totally happy with how things were (Sam and Addi).
  3. One person drank so much they puked (Sam).
  4. That same person then insisted they were fine to have one more drink.
  5. One person was whining that they needed another drink (Addi), even though the boss said the bar was closed (me).
  6. The clothing of choice by all was somewhat questionable, and one person kept trying to take theirs off (Addi).
  7. There was an unexplained crying fit (Addi) that no one saw coming or understood how to stop.
  8. One person was complaining that we were being too loud and interrupting their sleep (Jay).
  9. By the time we all fell asleep, the sun was almost up.
Maybe it's just me but there seem to be a lot of similarities from my life eight years ago to now. Granted, the bottles now mainly consist of milk instead of Miller Lite, our furniture is a lot nicer, and as a rule we don't wake up with random people on the couch. But maybe this finally explains why every Sunday I feel like I have a hangover.


Nicole - Life in Progress said...

This was hilarious & oh, so very true!

Our Family said...

This is the funniest thing I have ever read. Should be published...

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