Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

As I mentioned before, Jay's sister Jill came to visit with her two kids to meet the baby and help out where she could. All we really did was relax and take in the Steamboat Festival downtown (which was a disappointment overall), then they left very early this morning to drop Megan off at Purdue. Jay had to work all weekend so right now he is napping on the couch with Samantha, Addi is napping in her room, the dogs are napping on the ground, and I am slaving away here. Oh what I do for this blog... I am so selfless. :)

Aunt Jill with baby Samantha... Addison was the photographer here

At the festival... Addi and Allie (mid-air behind Addi) enjoyed a few rides

The Pigtail Brigade, watching the rides...

And finally, Samantha, taking it all in.

Overall, it was a decent weekend. Addi fell down a few times and got a fat lip and Jay had a very boring Father's Day, including a trip to the grocery store. Hope it was great for you all!

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