Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Good Doctor's Report

Someone should turn me into the Blog police... my last post talks about Sam's growing problems, I promise an update, and then I fall down on the job. Let's blame it on lack of sleep, OK?

Anyway, Sam and I (by the way, I do call her Sam, Sami, Samster and Samantha, so you are free to do the same!) made our umpteenth trip to the pediatrician for her follow up appointment. And, she finally gained weight! Hooray for Sam! The doc said as long as we continue what we are doing and make sure she is getting a certain number of ounces in a day, we should be on the right track. She has her one month appointment in a few weeks and that's when we will find out for certain everything is going OK. What a sigh of relief!

A side effect of all the eating is spitting up. Really, it's not too bad but it sure can turn a sweet-smelling baby into a not-so-sweet-smelling baby pretty quickly. Here is a picture of Addi assisting in Samantha's bath.... She did remarkably well (Addi, not Sam) - I fully expected her to try to dump water directly over her head like we do to her. But she was gentle as always.

In other Ralph news, this weekend we had a visit from the Pletcher family, cousin Alicia, and Jay's dad Steve and wife Carol. It was great to have additional hands around the house for a few hours, and most of the kids liked holding Sam (see Mara below). Addi apparently did NOT like other people holding "her baby".

I am off to the dentist - not sure why I thought a 6 month checkup 3 weeks after having a kid was a good idea but I don't always claim to be a genius. Lucky for me the girls are both still asleep so I can shower in peace. Although, I feel like sleeping like Sam below!

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