Monday, June 30, 2008

An Explosive Weekend Update

As weekends go, this past one was pretty great. I for one learned a LOT about my husband and daughter... apparently Jay is a closet pyromaniac and Addison went from two to a teenager overnight. We also had a lot of fun, so bear with the myriad of pictures!

Saturday, Addi and Jay ran to the store and returned with a new sandbox, sand toys, and swimming pool, so he was pretty much dad of the year. Then, Addi, Sami and I met my friend Becky for lunch, where I found out the trick to getting a rebellious two year old to behave in a restaurant is to threaten her with the waitress. I told her to sit down... she ignored me... then I told her the waitress was going to yell at her and she sat down so fast, you would have thought her butt was on fire. After trying that trick out a few more times I am tempted to eat every meal from here on out at Old Chicago.

Saturday night, we had some friends over for dinner, and in preparation Addi insisted on dressing herself. In big girl panties. And putting her potty in the kitchen. YUM. Then, when I insisted she actually get dressed, she picked out a crazy outfit but at least it included pants. She got very independent this weekend, insisting she do everything herself. She also mastered opening the fridge door, which I found out when she carried a gallon of milk upstairs. Never a dull moment!

The fashion victim herself

Unfortunately, that was short-lived. The next time she went potty she escaped pants-less to her swing set (GIRL IS FAST!!!), but when she figured out going down the slide was virtually impossible naked she quickly got dressed,

Pants-less wonder

After dinner and bedtime, Jay and Justin disappeared to the garage and came back with a few fireworks which they said NEEDED to be set off. I expected a few bottle rockets so didn't say anything... and THIS is what we saw:

Guess who brought back fireworks from Indiana??? They were HUGE... and we have 65 more just like it in our garage for our 5th of July party. I hope we don't get arrested.

The master firemen at work

Sam watching the fireworks... she looks like she is dancing!
On Sunday, Jay and the girls and I headed to Wildlife Prairie State Park. It was such a nice day out so we spent a few hours walking around, checking out the animals. Addi had a great time... Sam of course soaked in the whole experience and has been begging to go back ever since.
Addi and the donkeys... she went right up and petted them!

We ended the day on a train ride around the park. A great end to a great weekend!

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Kacy said...

Ha ha - love reading your blog. I'll try my best to keep Justin away this week so you have some fireworks left for the 4th :) But then again, I'm not sure that helps because after Saturday, we've learned that anyone setting off fireworks in a 50 mile radius is just asking for competitition :) Can't wait to see you & the girls soon!

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