Thursday, June 12, 2008

4 Weeks Ago Yesterday....

Samantha Jane was born! I was going to post that yesterday but mommy-hood got in the way. I've been trying to spend more time with just Addi to help fend off her tantrums... so far it's not really working but I'm hopeful!

Here are the girls right after we got home, Addi wanted me to take her picture and Sam of course jumped right in. Camera hog.

Then, I got out this baby toy for Addi and again Sam insisted on being in the picture. That kid loves to say cheese! Of course I am kidding (for those of you who think I have lost my mind) - but anytime we get anything baby-ish out, Addi insists it's for her. Ah, life with two.

Overall, life here is hectic but good... We are still dog-sitting for my dad's dog Rowdy, so that keeps things interesting. Rowdy is pretty much the opposite of Smokey, who has two speeds - turbo or sleep. Rowdy has to be ALL up in my business all the time, and will try to lick the baby anytime I turn my back. He also enjoys laying on the kitchen and patio tables and sitting in Addi's clubhouse at the top of her swingset. And unfortunately, I am not kidding. Rowdy will return to North Dakota next week when my dad gets back from Alaska, and as much fun as it is to have two dogs, a cat and two kids, I'll gladly go back to ignoring just two four-legged animals.

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