Sunday, May 4, 2008

Updated Yard... Clothing Optional?

This weekend, Jay and my dad were really busy. The swingset has been finished since Monday, and as the finishing touch to the backyard, Jay bought us two new trees that will someday provide shade for us (and possibly birds and squirrels for Smokey to torture). They spent all day yesterday digging holes for said trees, moving existing landscaping to make way for our new tomato and pepper plants, and taking down the old hammack.
Addi of course helped out by insisting they take a break every few minutes to push her on the swings. After a few minutes of training, they taught her how to make herself go on the glider.
She also mastered the rock wall and ladder rather quickly and figured out that the slide is much faster when you don't have on any shoes or pants.

However, THIS way is a MUCH faster way of getting to the top. Again, pants optional.
Overall it was a pretty good weekend. I got some rest, Jay got a sunburn, and Addi proved once again how valuable that privacy fence really is.

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