Monday, May 12, 2008

Two Days To Go!

Well, in less than 48 hours I will be a mommy again... very exciting but also very scary! Today I've been pretty busy (have lots of random things to get done, blood work, talk to surgeons, get Addi set up with her backup daycare, etc.) so resting hasn't been a high priority yet. Also, Addi dropped our laptop yesterday and broke the hinge and I am in a mild panic about it... to get it fixed will take 3-4 weeks of it being gone, so now I'm trying to save addresses, pictures, etc. so that we can limp along over the next four weeks. Jay isn't the least bit concerned but I'm freaking out... Not sure how to save and send baby pictures, update my blog, send baby announcements, etc. without a computer....... deep breath.......... Basically I want to cry b/c I'm stressed enough without having to worry about being disconnected from the world as well. Definitely not a major concern but the last thing I wanted to worry about today was making sure our identities won't get stolen by the creepy repair people.

Anyway, for those wondering, here is the final installment of the torpedo belly, at 38 weeks. It doesn't seem that huge in this picture but my dad keeps telling me it looks "pitiful" so I'm assuming that means I look bad. Gee, thanks.
On a happier note, we had a fantastic Mother's Day! We went to lunch and she did something funny... she switched my soup with her mac n' cheese, then said "I'm mommy, you're Addi," and insisted I call her mommy. She is really into pretend play!
Next we went to Build a Bear, where the PLAN was for her to make a new friend for her little sister as a present. YEAH RIGHT! She wanted to make herself a dog, so we found a miniature version she can give to the baby. Thus, Floppy the dog was born.
All in all I know the next week will be very hectic... no computer access at the hospital so my blog won't get updated for a few days, and if the laptop goes away for 4 weeks, it might be longer! Really, we are just hoping for a healthy baby and a speedy recovery for me from surgery... anything else isn't important! Or so I am trying to convince myself.

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Molly Ralph said...

Looks like a fun Mother's Day! Good luck tomorrow!

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