Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Pretty Darn Good Weekend (so far!)

First of all, in case you haven't noticed (for the three people who actually read our blog), I'm working on updating the look and feel of this fine place on the net. BUT since I have to feed Samantha every 2 hours during the day, this leaves little time for artsy goodness on my part. I'll try harder next week.

Secondly, I hope you also notice our awesome new picture! We went to get Addi's two year pictures and Samantha's 10 day old pictures taken yesterday and ended up with two decent family shots. Also, some great ones of Addi (amazing what 6 months can do for an attention span) and two of Sam where she didn't resemble a gremlin. The rest... not the best pictures of the kid, but the photographer was rushing us and she was not too happy about it. I am pretty disappointed because we got some awesome pictures when Addi was here age. Guess I need to get over it. Look for pictures in a mailbox near you... in a few weeks. I'm making my own baby announcements, and as I previously mentioned, these days I moonlite as a milk machine.

One of the decent ones... aren't my girls cute????

So far, this weekend has been pretty great. Yesterday was busy with housecleaning, pictures, and dinner with friends... Then Addi had a major meltdown at 3 a.m. which is as fun as it sounds. Today we hung out as a family, napped together too... Then we walked to the park and went fishing, saw a mother goose and her babies, and picked up a piece of trash off the ground (Addi's favorite part I think)!

The master fishermen

I am off to bed, crossing my fingers for a decent night of sleep for all. I am a tad bit sore from the park trip and would love to not make 14 trips downstairs in the dark tonight for various snacks. Happy Memorial Day!

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