Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Outsmarted Again!

As I have described before, we are constantly working to make Addi a well-behaved, law-abiding citizen. Most days the job is harder than it looks, and today was no exception.

Recently I found out that taking stuff away from Addi works as better punishment than time out (since she thinks time out is hysterical). Not really a novel idea to most but when you have a kid who rarely likes the same toy two days in a row, it makes it difficult for her to see the consequences (click here for more info). You take away a doll, a spoon is her new best friend.

This morning I was trying to get her dressed and she kept running away, hiding, etc. So, I told her if I had to come upstairs to get her, then Cocoa (her newest bear obsession) would have to stay home with me today while she went to Kim's house. Well, I had to go upstairs after all and found her hiding under the baby bassinet with Cocoa. I said, "I told you to come downstairs or I would take Cocoa away. You didn't listen, so give him to me," and pointed to Cocoa. She looked at him and said, "No, this not Cocoa, this Bob."

My kid... the genius.


life as we know it... said...

HAHAH! too funny... Addi & Tate could be best friends I think... they are waaaaaaaaaaay too much alike!!! how are you feeling??? anyday, huh???

Nicole - Life in Progress said...

How funny! I hate it when my kids outsmart me too.

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